The goodness of our Aveiro salt

coarse Aveiro salt

Salt is part of everyday life in virtually every culture in the world, being used primarily in cooking. However, in central Portugal, in the beautiful town of Aveiro, salt is even more important and part of the town's history.

The goodness of our Aveiro salt

Sea salt retains all its natural constituents (over 80% in fact). The benefits of natural products are well known, and sea salt, and more specificallyAveiro are among them.

Aveiro salt is an additive-free sea salt that is neither refined nor washed after harvesting, making it a natural product. You can recognize Aveiro salt by its irregular shape and thick crystals. Homogeneous and compact, pure diamonds, because they are hard to break by hand. The product is mainly composed of sodium chloride, including other elements such as calcium. Magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine, and many others.

Discover the benefits of this traditional mineral that go beyond cooking

Our salt can and should be used for all culinary purposes, especially with fish or meat. What makes them so special is that you can also use our processed products that retain all their natural nutritional goodness.

In the Aveiro saltworks, we call it white gold". Not only because of its very high quality, but also because of the value of the human labor involved, and because of the climatic conditions in northern Portugal, which offers less sunshine than the south of the country. The marnoto (we'll tell you more about them soon) are the ones who carve these fine, delicate crystals.

Recently, the American journalist Mark Kurlansky wrote in his book "Cod". that Portugal's salt, and more specifically Aveiro's salt, was one of the best in Europe. Perhaps this is why Aveiro has always been the center of cod salting in Portugal.

The difference between our Aveiro salt and industrial salt

  • Mineral content: Aveiro salt contains over 80 elements also found in seawater. These include magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are present in significant quantities compared to industrially-produced salt.
  • Taste:Aveiro salt has a distinct nature compared with industrially processed salt. Thus, Aveiro salt has a strong flavor, without being rough, adding a varied range of aromas to foods. On the other hand, industrially-processed salt tends to be more irregular and sometimes even has a metallic flavor.
  • Health: Minerals eliminated during the industrial process are essential for the body. This results in inferior performance of vital functions.
  • Environment : Aveiro's salt is collected by hand, without the use of machines or fossil fuels. What's more, in addition to producing salt, the saltworks provide a platform for the region's wildlife. Particularly for migratory bird populations.
  • Socio-economic factors: Buying salt made in Portugal contributes to the sustainability of small-scale producers. It also ensures the continuity of this age-old activity. The spread of industrial production methods has jeopardized the continuity of this practice. But the discovery that traditional salt is superior to the industrial option has succeeded in reversing this trend.


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