Aveiro salt

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Coarse salt and fleur de sel from Aveiro

Aveiro's salt and fleur de sel are still harvested by hand.

This is a sea salt, with no additives, which is neither refined nor washed after harvesting, making it a natural salt. They're so white and shiny, they're beautiful to look at naturally. 

It can be recognized by its irregular shape and thick, homogeneous, compact crystals - pure diamonds, because they are hard to break by hand. 

Fleur de sel d'Aveiro" is more fragile than crystal, made up of small crystals, some of which are arranged in reeds, easy to unravel with the fingers.

Salt and flower have unique characteristics that result from their own ancestral, artisanal production methods. Both climate and environment are conducive to this excellence. The combination of the Atlantic Ocean and the biodiversity present in the Ria de Aveiro give them a unique violet taste. 

The product is mainly composed of sodium chloride, including other elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine, and many others.


Frequently asked questions

SaltiSimo is our renowned brand of exceptional seasonings, and Aveiro White Gold is one of our flagship products. It's a unique blend of coarse Aveiro salt and a precious element, creating an unrivalled flavor.

L'Or Blanc d'Aveiro is exceptional because it combines the powerful character of Aveiro's coarse salt with the nobility of its secret ingredient. This combination creates a unique taste experience that enhances your dishes.

Aveiro White Gold is versatile. You can use it raw to add a touch of elegance to your dishes, or grind it with a spice mill to regulate the amount of seasoning and release the aromas. It's ideal for enhancing a variety of recipes, from main courses to desserts.

Our products are delivered in hermetically sealed packaging to guarantee their freshness. We recommend that you transfer Aveiro White Gold to an opaque container for optimum preservation. This way, you can preserve the richness of its aromas and flavor.


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